With GIMAT VIBA-EX we have developed a product for air disinfection. It is installed in closed rooms and reliably removes not only Corona viruses, but also other viruses and bacteria. It is particularly suitable for waiting rooms in e. g. doctor's surgeries, hairdressing salons, cosmetic studios, fitness studios or restaurants - wherever people meet in a room for a long time with little distance and the pathogen load in the air should be kept constantly low.

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Disinfection Booth

Disinfection & Temperature Screen All in One for Peace of Mind! Fuji Bridex is happy to present a solution where your temperature is taken while you get safely disinfected just like in the movies! A very fine, almost fog like mist spray surrounds you once you step into our Booth to kill bacteria and virus without getting wet! Get your temperature taken, sterilize your hands all at once and enter the premises feeling cleaner and more confident! Especially suited for premises like schools, restaurants, supermarkets, airports, train stations, malls, etc…

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FeverCheck Pro

Temperature checks are mandatory everywhere we go during Covid-19 pandemic and the person taking everyone’s temperature is facing a huge risk. This risk can be mitigated or even eliminated with non-contact thermometers. Fast Screening ideal for premises with heavy foot traffic with an easy self-service measurement taking less than 1 second!

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FeverCheck ++

Facial Recognition & Body Temperature Screening (Safe Entry Compatible). Non-contact infrared thermometry temperature measurement for detected elevated temperatures is mandatory for reducing the spread of Covid-19. This is critical to re-open or keep open factories, buildings, construction sites, businesses or facilities of any kind.



Our Infrared Thermal Camera uses most advanced FLIR infrared chip technology from the United States. AI binocular temperature detecting camera + AI thermal imaging screening system + High Accuracy thermal temperature detecting sensor + built-in intelligent face capture algorithm + ISP image processing technology + etc..., giving you ace recognition, temperature detection, facial capture and other powerful features.

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Rokid Glass T2 ++

An Intelligent Temperature Screening Solution for Large Crowds. Rokid Glass T2 can take 1,000 temperature readings within 1 minute. It can check up to 10 person’s temperatures simultaneously. The wearable, contactless, efficient symptom detecting features have allowed it to shine in the fight against COVID-19.

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SmartHelmet ++

Security Personnel can now screen out potential coronavirus carriers with the help of Fuji Bridex SmartHelmet++ that quickly measures body temperature for large crowds! The cameras attached to the helmets features infrared thermal imaging enables wearers to measure temperature with an efficiency of 200 people per minute! It also encompass several other AI technologies such as Face recognition, Thermographic Diagnostic Imaging, Night Vision, QR code, etc….

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Thermal camera EST kit

The device is used for scanning faces and detecting highest temperature. Our Flir embedded thermal cameras originally made to detect thermal runaways of industrial equipment. We have redesigned the thermal infrared cameras to enable them to screen for elevated skin temperature. Using special algorithms with special sensors, the thermal camera's accuracy is significantly improved from the normal ±5°C to ±0.5°C at 37°C in a 20-25°C environment. Using sensors, the kit detects when a person is within less than 25cm from the sensor, detects the subject's face and then retrieves the hottest point measured in that person's face.

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Infrared (IR) EST Kit

The device is used for simple, anonymous and fast screening. The infrared (IR) spot sensors operate on a one-to-one basis. Rather than looking at a crowd of people, this setup scans one person at a time. Scanning is very fast. Every 0.6 seconds a temperature reading is processed and validated against the defined limits. This allows to quickly process large groups of people. It performs the skin temperature measurement with an accuracy of ±0.5°C in a standard environment of 20-25°C (68-77°F). Using different on board electronics and sensors, the kit has automatic compensation built-in based on ambient temperature data. This improves the kits's accuracy and reduces drifting.

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