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Very few companies take on the overall responsibility, beginning with initial power system network planning, modelling validation, engineering right up to Equipment supplies to testing & final commissioning. This means dealing with a variety of pre-qualified vendors with different solutions sets. It takes an organization with diverse capabilities to ensure success for the customer.

Fuji Bridex's Network Planning, Engineering and Applications Team has the expertise and experience to help system owners, developers and operators to define, execute and deliver a system-optimized plan.

Taking cue from Fuji Electric corporate motto - "Innovating Energy Technology", Fuji Bridex, our selected AC Power System Solutions, DC Power System Solutions, Low Voltage Industrial Electrical Products and System meets the demand for a smarter, cleaner and better energy. From Grid power, T&D network to LV Electrical Distribution and Renewable energies, Fuji Bridex brings comprehensive power and energy related products and solutions to the electrically-challenged environment.



Fuji Bridex understands the complexity of multidiscipline system integration and how each scope impacts the overall project budget and schedule. We have extensive experience in the design of MV and LV electrical power distribution for electrical utilities and industry. We provide services in system analysis, feasibility studies, planning, project supervision and commissioning for electricity transmission and distribution projects. Power system analyses services include, but are not limited to, load flow, short circuit and transient overvoltage studies.

Modular Data Centres use standardised critical infrastructure systems and pre-engineered containers or pre-fabs structures to provide a data centre that can be transported to its point of use and is more easily scalable than a traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ facilities. The roll outs of Edge computing and 5G provide further opportunities for the adoption of this type of data centre facility. Fuji Bridex Prefab Power Solutions is the newest member of our AC Power Systems Family. With built-to-order prefabricated electrical power distribution systems, (including skid based and container based) and streamlining the installation process, we achieve effective savings in man hours, material cost, and in job site clutter. Prefab provides easier material handling, reduced production stress, maximizes cost and time effectiveness. Our solutions are built to maximize flexibility, scalability, and efficiency by integrating your specific requirements into our simplified, standardized designs.

Fuji Bridex has decades of experience with DC Rectifiers, chargers, DC power supply systems and grid integration capabilities to meet the requirements of all types of Utilities and industrial applications, operating in the toughest environments. We leveraged System integration capabilities and Power conversion expertise to engineer Singapore’s first Battery energy storage system (BESS) and Singapore Power’s first ‘Green substation’ deployment of DC Chargers with non-flammable, non-explosive, environmental- friendly Saltwater batteries. Thanks to its proven technologies, Fuji Bridex is ideally positioned to deliver solutions to any customers for many applications, or support full off-grid power generation.

Battery energy storage systems (BESS) are turnkey solutions suitable for stand-alone and hybrid applications, including ones in combination with renewables. We develop each BESS solution for specific customer and project requirements. We engineered both Power-focused configuration that delivers large amounts of energy relatively quickly and Energy-focused configuration, which provides steady power over an extended period of time. Our system simulation and modelling expertise means that we can find the best possible solution for a specific application – as a stand-alone system or integrated into an existing power plant.

We carry a wide range of reputable brands for buildings and industries in meeting the energy efficiency and safety needs.

As a part of Covid-19 efforts, we are introducing simple, affordable protective measures of Condition Monitoring Solutions and Disinfectant Solutions to help in reducing reduce the spread of the Novel Corona virus to keep the economy going. This is one of the tools to keep factories, buildings, construction sites, businesses or facilities of any kind open.


We believe in working collaboratively with client representatives at all levels of the organisation to ensure that the solution reached is the most efficient and cost-effective.


We maximize our strengths as a team, respecting employees' diverse ambition. Achieve further growth through our global business expansion.



We are committed to working together with our customers and business partners to help resolve social and environmental issues through the creation of products and systems that efficiently utilize electricity and heat.


We Care

We are committed to provide the highest level of safety at all time. Corporate HSE Policy has been developed and continually managed to meet the international HSE standards.


Enthusiastic, ambitious and sensitive

We will utilize the comprehensive strengths of dedicated teams of diverse individuals to contribute to the creation of a sustainable society through our energy and environment businesses.


One-Stop Solution

With our in-house capabilities, Fuji Bridex is a one-stop provider of services and solutions from design and manufacturing to on-site installation, commissioning tests, and after-sales services.


Total Customer Satisfaction

We provided the highest level of technical excellence and reliability to ensure total customer satisfaction.

Resolution of Energy Management Problems


Fuji Bridex is a one-stop provider of services ranging from design and manufacturing to on-site installation, commissioning tests, and after-sales services.


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Every year fire causes an enormous amount of damage to all kinds of facilities, social and private possessions. It can lead to life-threatening incidents and huge losses because of material damage of assets, power supply interruption, production loss and business opportunity cost. Global statistics show that around 30% of the fires are caused by electrical faults.

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FIPRES works on principle of early detection. Indeed, usually fire starts with melting of cable insulation, which is the weakest point in terms of withstanding temperature. Depending on the material and thickness, generally there are 2 critical temperatures for cable insulation: 200 °C, when insulation to deteriorate and 280°C, when insulation material starts to melt and smoke.



24/7 control of concerning points in LV and MV electrical panel of any configuration. Detects hot spots long before a dangerous situation arises, hence avoiding material damage, stop of production process and threats to life. Increases equipment safety and reliability of operation. Can be integrated to SCADA/BMS and local alarm systems. Quick and easy installation even for existing systems.

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Customer Testimonails

Fuji Bridex is truly a superb partner managing extraordinarily complex large value electrical projects, all the while having top professional staff, covering all of South East Asia.

John Wright-Smith Statcoms
Customer Testimonails

Fuji Bridex is truly a superb partner managing extraordinarily complex large value electrical projects, all the while having top professional staff, covering all of South East Asia.

John Wright-Smith Statcoms
Customer Testimonails

Fuji Bridex is truly a superb partner managing extraordinarily complex large value electrical projects, all the while having top professional staff, covering all of South East Asia.

John Wright-Smith Statcoms

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Socomec 100th Anniversary - ASIA CEO

2022 marks an important milestone for Socomec. This is Socomec's centenary year! It’s certainly a proud moment for all of us as we celebrate our accomplishments. We have flourished from the humble small backyard of our founder, Mr Joseph Siat, in 1922 to a global company today. The next 100 years will be even more exciting. Catch our Asia CEO, Mr Oniel DISSANAYAKE, in this short video as he shares his vision for our APAC journey ahead.

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Leclanché selected to provide 10 MWh advanced battery system for Scandlines’ “PR24” zero-emission freight ferry

YVERDON-LES-BAINS, Switzerland and COPENHAGEN, 5 April 2022 – The Scandlines zero-emission ferry project, announced in November 2021 and which will result in the world’s largest electric-powered hybrid ferry (click here for images), will run on an advanced 10 MWh lithium-ion battery energy storage system (BESS) from Leclanché.

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Optical Oil Leak Sensor

Introducing the world's first contactless and fastest oil leak detection sensor. The Optical Leak Sensor is a contactless, resuable sensor to detect the presence of hydrocarbon in liquid form on surfaces. Up to 10 cm on reflective surfaces and up to 5 cm on non-reflective with calibration option for detection. The sensor can be mounted to fit your requirements with the included bracket. It can be mounted on the floor, on the wall or suspended from above.

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Testing and Commissioning ATyS R together with C25

Socomec transfer switching equipment are very easy to set up! Check out the video to see how to get Socomec ATyS R and C25 controller up and running.

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