Containerised Power Skid

Containerised Power Skid

Our solution significantly reduces project management requirements. Onsite coordination and installation problems are minimized or eliminated because all equipment is installed, tested and ready to use upon delivery.

At Fuji Bridex, we review the information supplied and incorporate prefabrication assembly concepts to the base design. Our design services and product solutions offer many benefits:

  •  Optimized Design: Project site gets exact materials required to perform the work, instructions and dimensional drawings for installation, no under or over ordering, no wasted time looking for materials, no part of the scope overlooked.
  •  Installation Time and Onsite Manpower: Work is put in place in less time, with fewer onsite resources. This allows our clients to manage manpower needs more effectively.
  •  On-Time Delivery: Less onsite material handling, clutter, and issues with storage.
  • Coordination and Sequencing of Assemblies: Every item sent has a specific purpose, place, and installation order. Work can be put in with less skill required.
  •  Safety: We design our assemblies to facilitate ease of handling and installation with equipment, not bodies. Reducing the installation time and people required reduces exposure to active construction hazards.
  •  Quality and Installation Predictability: We design and build all assemblies in a controlled environment for consistency and ensure that all supporting is in place according to project specification and the Code of Practice

Whether it is a new construction or a fully operating plant being shut down for modifications, Fuji Bridex's containerised power skids are key to getting work done safely, smoothly, and cost-effectively.

Our containerised power skids have a myriad of benefits. The lights they power make the work environment safer. They enable the use of tools, computers, welding equipment, etc., before normal power distribution is available. Simply put, the skids are essential. The process of designing and building temp power skids varies from job to job. Our goal is to get each skid designed and built around our customers' exact needs. The design team meets with the client to determine voltages, breakers, panel layouts, and to determine any other unique needs. At Fuji Bridex, we handle design, engineering, material, gear procurement, and manufacturing. Each skid is then tested before being sent out to the customer.

Fuji Bridex containerised power skid delivers benefits that go beyond traditional assembly methods. Customers can turn to us for solutions to their problems. In the process, we help cut days off from schedules and reduce the number of workmen on the job site, while delivering high quality products.