Containerised Modular Data Center

Containerised Modular Data Center

Flexible and scalable. We integrate the UPS, power distribution, battery, cooling system into a seamless solution. Our modular design concept ensure deployment to meet your rapid growing IT needs.


Scalability and modularity

CMDC designed by us are scalable and can be easily extended or adapted after the first unit, by adding new modules (containers) and connecting or coupling them to the existing one, without downtime.


CMDC are easily housed in containers easily transported by conventional means. The construction's size and characteristics may vary, however it is always compact and easy to transport. Once delivered in a location, the MDC has the advantage of being relocated, anytime and anywhere, in accordance with the needs of business, but also due to possible natural events which require it to be moved. Thus, the complete relocation of the data center becomes extremely easy, without extra investments in infrastructure or in IT.


Short setup duration

Unlike traditional fixed data centers, CMDCs can be developed much more quickly. Thus, if for a classic Data Center we can speak of a classic average implementation duration of 3-6 months, a MDC can be delivered in between a month and up to 3 months, based on its complexity and size.

Resistance and durability

The level of safety of a CMDC is basically the same as that of a fixed data center, being fitted with surveillance, access control and fire prevention systems as efficient and safe. In addition, its structure is extremely resistant, specially fire-treaded, but also protected against water.


Remote operation and monitoring

DCIM (Data Center Infrastructure Management) solutions enable tracking, alerting and remote control of your CMDC infrastructure and energy usage. Thus, you save the operational and staff costs, and you are permanently connected to the systems operating within the IT Container, no matter where it is located.

Integrated, turnkey implementation

We provide integrated coordination of all systems and installations, taking over the responsibility of installing the entire infrastructure from the client, from container construction to installation and operation-maintenance. The CMDC is thus delivered and installed turnkey, regardless of its operating location.