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Wireless Temperature Monitoring

With over 7 models and 13 versioning that can be used to supervise various lightning protection devices - surge arrester, EGLA, MOA, MOR, SPD, TLA, lightning rods, lightning terminals - the SLMD range will allow you to master events, understand their impact on equipment and installation, forecast the end of life of your equipment as well as evaluate it.


Simple Operation for User

  • 24/7 temperature monitoring
  • Real time temperature alerts
  • Visual indication of fault location
  • Digital display of fault location

Easy Installation & Maintenance

  • Self-test on installation
  • Operative indoor and outdoor, IP68
  • Up to 6 meters communication
  • Install anywhere 7 x 12 x 24 mm device
  • No wiring - install in seconds
  • Communication setup free
  • License free signalling worldwide


  • Fail safe
  • Redundancy - two independent temperature monitors
  • Operative till 125 ℃
  • Over 10 years lifespan guaranteed*

High Voltage & Lightning Laboratory

Products Installed World Wide

Scientific Paper and Publications

Up to 1.2MV and 86kA impulses.

With products installation base spreading over 4 continents, in over 20 countries and various climates, PARALEC ENERGY has acquired in-depth knowhow on manufacturing and qualification of products and solution.

PARALEC staff has published numerous paper on qualification of surge arresters as well as protection of high voltage equipment from lightning. Conference include: ICLP, ALC, RCLP, CMD...