Our Brand

Our symbol mark represents Fuji Electric brand values as well as being a centralizing force for the company as a whole. The symbol mark is also used as a vehicle to accumulate value. "F" and "E" are the initials for Fuji Electric. The symbol mark also stands for our conviction to continue to build on our technological prowess, the trust we have gained and the positive corporate culture we have cultivated since our inception.

Brand Promise Through our pursuit of innovation in electric and thermal energy technology, we develop products that maximize energy efficiency and lead to a responsible and sustainable society.

Where We Started

Since 1978, Bridex is consistently chosen as the partner of choice for leading electrical projects as we provided our stakeholders with local electrical engineering footprint and experience powered by global partners - from system designs and integration, implementation and customization solutions. Formerly known as Bridex, and a subsidiary of SMBE Group, we have strong roots in developing, manufacturing, importing and merchandising a wide range of low voltage industrial switchgear, motor control equipment and other technical electrical products for the electrical industries.

Moving Forward

"Bridex has more than 40 years of electrical and engineering experience in South-East Asia and Australia. At the beginning of 2015, the company was renamed as Fuji Bridex, in line with Fuji Electric's acquisition of Fuji SMBE Group at the end of 2014. Sharing our core business concept "provide more creative value' and corporate motto "Innovative Energy Technology"; spreading our reach across Asia-Pacific region. Enhancing our Group's mission, Fuji Bridex strengthened our focus on our suit of comprehensive power & energy-related solutions to the electrically-challenged and Green environment.
Embodying our new identity, we are extending our business into AC Power Systems, DC Power Systems and Environmental solutions. Leveraging on the enlarged product and system offerings from Fuji Electric, we deliver quality products and services with results that exceed expectations.

Target Segments

Utility Substations

Power Plants

Manufacturing Plants

Data Centers

Solar & Wind Farm

Commercial & Residential Buildings

Company Timeline


Fuji Bridex will be relocating our office back at 15 Senoko Way


Partnered up with FIPRES, Set Mitigation (AMSC), Saltwater Battery (Natron)


SERVERSCHECK appoints Fuji Bridex as Partner in Singapore


Expands into Turnkey Solutions & Systems Design, laucnes Energy Storage System (ESS) Regional Hub and Service Support Centre for the South East Asia region


Fuji Bridex builds Singapore first Containerized Battery Energy System(BESS) 1MW/2MWh with LG Chem NMC Batteries


AMSC appoints Fuji Bridex as exclusive distributorship in ASEAN


Himel appoints Fuji Bridex as exclusive distributor in Singapore


Fuji Electric Co. Ltd, fully acquired from Osaki Electric Co. Ltd, all of SMB Electric group of companies


Osaki United International Pte Ltd taken over all companies under SMB United Limited, including Bridex Singapore


LSIS appoints Bridex Singapore as exclusive distributorship in Singapore


Set up a Bridex Australia based in Sydney


Partnered with Broyce Control and appointed ASEAN Distributorship


RUDOLPH launches Active Harmonic Filter, Variable Speed drives and Soft Starter (DSS)

RUDLOPH was the first in Singapore to promote Digital Power Meters and Analysers


Bridex Singapore acquired 30% stake in EDMI. EDMI Pte Ltd was incorporated in Singapore


SMB United Limited formed through the merger of Mac Electric, Soundex Switchgear & Bridex Singapore


Gained exclusive distribution rights & agencies for Hager, Socomec, Telemecanique, Mitsubishi Circutor, Zurc, Multitek


Bridex Singapore Pte Ltd was founded.