Critical Power Solutions

Fuji Bridex is proud to partner AMSC and deliver Critical Power Solutions to our customers.

Industrial companies today rely on sensitive computer-controlled manufacturing processes to increase productivity. Such advanced systems require protection from variations in electrical power quality and secure connections in order to operate without compromise. Critical Power Solutions offer modular, cost-effective STATCOMs for a variety of industrial applications.

PQ-IVR® Systems

Power Quality Industrial Voltage Restorer systems provide instantaneous, facility-wide protection against voltage swells and one-, two- and three-phase sags up to 60% of nominal voltage. They can detect power quality problems within milliseconds and counteract before they turn into costly problems.

PQ-IVR systems incorporate the latest power electronic converters and can be configured to meet a wide range of customer requirements, helping industrial facilities realize their full profit potential.


For smaller industry or motor start-up applications, D-VAR VVO is a single, or three-phase power electronic system providing up to 1.3 MVARs. Like PQ-IVR it can be configured to customer requirements to achieve the most cost-effective solution. D-VAR VVO is also part of AMSC's Utility Voltage Solutions.