GIMAT VIBA-EX ensures clean and healthy indoor air

The new device reliably removes viruses and bacteria

The coronavirus, which has infected and killed millions of people, continues to spread around the world. Although vaccine has been developed, but still the virus continues to pose a threat.

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With GIMAT VIBA-EX we have developed a product for air disinfection. It is installed in closed rooms and reliably removes not only Corona viruses, but also other viruses and bacteria.

It is particularly suitable for waiting rooms in e. g. doctor's surgeries, hairdressing salons, cosmetic studios, fitness studios or restaurants - wherever people meet in a room for a long time with little distance and the pathogen load in the air should be kept constantly low.

Harmless UV disinfection

GIMAT VIBA-EX is equipped with a powerful UV-C lamp (254 nm), which inactivates or kills viruses and bacteria in the air. The method of UV disinfection of air is recognized by virologists, chemical-free and completely harmless to humans and animals.

When designing the device, we made use of our more than 30 years of experience in the efficient use of UV radiation. Thanks to a specially developed turbulence flow technology, the air stays in the GIMAT VIBA-EX for up to 20 seconds - which is exceptionally long. This is an unprecedented value for a continuous sterilization system of this size. Due to the long dwell time, not only all bacteria and viruses in the air are removed, but also the number of fungal spores that are particularly problematic for allergy sufferers is significantly reduced.

The long dwell time and efficient use of UV light energy are the reasons why the GIMAT VIBA-EX disinfection device is able to ensure maximum safety despite its slim design and a height of less than 1.30 meters.

Continuous operation in rooms up to 100 square meters

The GIMAT VIBA-EX is self-priming and suitable for continuous operation. A special encapsulation against escaping UV light reliably protects the eyes of people and pets in the room. The GIMAT VIBA-EX is particularly suitable for rooms up to 100 square meters to automatically disinfect the breathing air several times a day. During development, care was taken to ensure that an uncomfortable draft was avoided without compromising the highest possible throughput.

The GIMAT VIBA-EX is immediately ready for use as a free-standing device. Due to its elegant design, it is an "eye-catcher" everywhere, whether in offices, doctor's surgeries or in retail stores and the like.

VIBA_EX complies with the following quality standards

  •  Guideline “Ultraviolet radiation from artificial sources” of the Fachverband für Strahlenschutz e.V., status 2013.
  •  Requirements for classification in “emission class 0” according to DIN EN 16237 (class 0 is the “best”).
  •  EU Directive on Artificial Optical Radiation 2006/25/EC.


  •  Reliably removes corona viruses and other germs from the air
  •  Even removes a large part of the fungal spores from the air
  •  Harmless to humans and animals
  •  Scientifically recognized UV-C light method
  •  No leakage of UV radiation
  •  Extremely low operating costs, even with continuous operation
  •  No assembly
  •  Easy handling
  •  Robust