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Introducing Natron High Performance Sodium Battery

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Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Natron’s breakthrough Prussian blue technology delivers high power, long service life, and industry leading safety.

Industrial power and grid storage customers demand higher performance. Data center power density is rising rapidly, requiring a commensurate increase in backup power density. The automation of factories and distribution centers depends in part on fast recharge for materials handling. EV fast charging is limited by grid capacity and demand charges. Volatile solar and wind power necessitate diurnal load leveling and short-duration smoothing.

Natron Energy delivers solutions for these challenging industrial power and grid storage applications. Its sodium-ion cells are based on Prussian blue electrodes that enable unique power, life, and safety: full discharge and recharge in just minutes and up to 50,000 deep discharge cycles from a nonflammable, fault tolerant system.

Natron Energy: your solutions provider for high power, long lasting, safe energy storage.

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